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PV panels: more power for less cash in 2017

PV panels: more power for less cash in 2017

Efficiency up, price down: 2017 promises to be a good year for PV panels. A commentary on the current and future module-market by Martin Schachinger, pvXchange.

Guest Article: Spain expropriates photovoltaic investors through reform of feed-in tariffs for renewable energies

The new Spanish feed-in tariff system for renewable energies was launched in summer 2013. It includes a retroactive fixation for “reasonable profitability” of existing solar investments. For some investors this comes close to an expropriation.

A Guest Post by Sönke Schlaich and Christoph Himmelskamp, Rödl & Partner.

pvXchange PV Price Index for November 2013

Modules prices: The year in review.

Although the downturn in prices for Japanese and German crystalline modules on the European spot market slowed down in November, it could not be stopped. Even prices for modules from China gave way again. Only the prices for imports from Southeast Asia stabilized with a slight upward trend towards December. This development is explained by largely exhausted import quotas and simultaneous sales of the abundant goods stocked from China at reduced rates.

pvXchange PV Price Index for October 2013

Modules prices: End of year spurt has begun.

pvXchange PV Price Index for August 2013

Modules from China are no longer the cheapest on the market.

The tough negotiations concerning the import prices for modules from China are already leaving their mark. Supplies from China do, indeed, still dominate the worldwide module market; they are, however, no longer the lowest-priced PV panels in the European Union. It is also important to differentiate between those goods imported and declared before the 6th August and those imported more recently. This results in two possible prices – the former generally below and the latter considerably above the magic number €0.56/Wp. The lower-priced goods are becoming increasingly scarce and may well disappear completely in the near future.

All well-known Chinese brands are now available in almost any quantity but at a price of around €0.60/Wp is to be accepted.  There is hardly a project of any size in the EU that can cope with this current price level, resulting in projects being shelved until more cost-effective alternatives can be found.  And these alternatives are emerging from a widening range of suppliers from Southeast Asia, completely unknown and unnoticed in Europe in the past, now enjoying growing popularity due to their extremely attractive price level. The countries of origin are Vietnam, Malaysia and, of course, Taiwan. Many importers can already offer quotes on some of these new brands, the quality of which, however, is largely unverified and unknown indeed. The prices of these modules are in the region of €0.50/Wp, assuming container delivery.

Martin Schachinger

pvXchange GmbH

pvXchange PV Price Index for August 2013

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