ENcome signs sales partnership with Milk the Sun

Comprehensive service portfolio of ENcome Energy Performance becomes available on one of the leading European online platforms for photovoltaic installations.

From today on interested owners can directly receive detailed offers of ENcome’s vendor- and constructor-independent services through Milk the Sun. In return, the marketplace supports ENcome’s customers to find new solar projects all over Europe. This cooperation enables ENcome and Milk the Sun to provide a wider range of support. As Dr. Robin Hirschl, ENcome Energy Performance GmbH’s managing partner puts it, “Our common initiative with Milk the Sun ensures that the best photovoltaic installations will receive the best support over the entire life cycle.”


Are you searching for a rooftop for a PV installation?

Milk the Sun is not only a marketplace for PV installations and PV rights, but we also offer our customers a comprehensive and consolidated photovoltaic stock market. On our online platform you can find an appropriate area for your projects, subdivided into ground mounted and rooftop mounted.

You can specifically look for a slanted roof or a flat rooftop of your choice, by deploying the following search options in our PV Installations and Project List overview:

As a result you receive an overview of suitable photovoltaic rooftop areas, with help of which you can already review the relevant parameters about specific rooftop areas. In order to find out more details about a specific rooftop area and to potentially rent it, click on the preview picture or on the magnifying glass icon:

On the detailed preview website you find all information accessible free of charge, inclusive of payment method. Some owners sell others rent their rooftops. In both cases a single payment is possible; however in case of a rental a monthly instalment is more commonly accepted.

Please notice however, that when you are registered you receive more information free of charge than unregistered users. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to log in under this address: , before you start your search. In case you do not own an account yet, you can register yourself free of charge on the same website!

Moreover, through using the tabs, you receive further information about the chosen rooftop e.g. about the length and width of the area. Also here the same principle applies – when logged in, you see more. You just simply have to register once, free of charge.

Before you can rent a rooftop or purchase a project right, you have to unlock the missing data. In order to do that, click on the big icon of a lock in the left column:

At this point we charge a protection fee of 8 EUR for the activation. Afterwards, you can directly contact the owner. With the online stock market for the photovoltaic of Milk the Sun, you can find appropriate areas for your planed PV installation all over Europe.

Survey about the photovoltaic market 2012

The photovoltaic market is continuously changing. For the PV industry 2012 was already a year full of new regulations and amendments as e.g. the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and banner headlines about Chinese dumping prices. Milk the Sun is not only a marketplace for photovoltaics, within the scope of our customer service which is part of our all-round support we want to offer our customers the best supervision and keep them up to date. Therefor we are starting together with a survey about the photovoltaic market 2012 in order to achieve more transparency for all participants of the solar industry sector. is an online magazine for business. Specialized in the sector of clean technologies it offers a platform for news, information, interviews and company portraits to enterprises, technologies, products and services all aligned with ecological sustainability .

Our corporate survey about the photovoltaic market 2012 only lasts about 2-3 minutes and is directed to project developers, operators and plant owners, rooftop and green field owners as well as investors. Topics as return assumption, possibilities of the PV market or development of prices will be covered. The results will be published soon by and

We look forward to your participation in order to optimize our customer support and to give a better summary of the recent photovoltaic market. and Milk the Sun thank for your time and participation!

To the survey about the photovoltaic market 2012


Of Pigs and Cows – How to reliably plan a PV investment

Buy a pig in a poke? A successful investor shall gather the most detailed information possible about the profitability of his PV installation!

The internet offers several return-on-investment ROI calculators for photovoltaic energy investments, some of which are free of charge. They allow for making reliable forecasts of amortisation time, annual dividend or nominal power of solar installations. Since these are investments with a long time horizon of 20 to 30 years, factors such as future maintenance cost, electricity price and interest rates have to be included too. is such an online tool. The ROI calculator for PV installations helps developers, engineers and solar technologists with planning and realisation of their PV project. Taking into account all relevant factors (this includes irradiation, annual yield, leverage, purchase price and inflation rate) PVCalc accurately calculates the expected return on investment.

The individual results are presented in several graphs and tables, and can be downloaded in different formats.

What better way to find your cash cow? Milk the Sun the photovoltaic market place entered into a co-operation with Mayer Analytics, the developer of PVCalc. Mayer Analytics unites energy, finance and trading. It created PVCalc as part of the investment advisory service. Now investors can access the ROI calculator directly from the online platform of


Online Marketplace for the European Photovoltaic Industry

Even with the major advancements to today’s sophisticated technology, online sales still need to overcome many hurdles in order to win the trust of perspective investors. To start with, a lot of purchasers do not trust email as a reliable channel to safely & successfully transmit confidential documentation.  Full email accounts and data size restrictions often hinder a seamless transfer of data between sales & their customers. But at least in the photovoltaic sector, there is now help at hand – in the form of Milk the Sun.  Owners with PV project licences and solar energy installations to sell can now use the industry’s online marketplace (Milk the Sun) which provides them with free online space to securely save their data which they can subsequently make available to selected investors by allocating and controlling the individual access rights.

All documentation relevant to PV installations or project licences (contracts, statistical data, building plans, approval documents etc) can now easily be uploaded in HTTPS-encrypted format onto the Milk the Sun platform. Potential investors who are interested in buying these licences/installations only get full access to view the complete documentation, including the contact details of the provider, after they have been officially approved and allocated access to these secure areas.  All information is provided in a standardised format in order to enable an effective comparison of data by potential investors.  In this way both partners save valuable time and the prompt completion of the due diligence is also ensured.   Supply and demand have direct contact & communication with each other.

Milk the Sun’s online platform offers users a clear overview of all offers currently available on the photovoltaic marketplace in Europe. All confidential project data is securely protected, stored in the online storage space allocated to that project/installation and is only ever made accessible to potential investors after a strict process of registration & approval.  This entire process is carried out with the upmost confidentiality for our valued customers, thus completely removing all the problems commonly experienced when using email as the main communication channel.

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