Large investors rapidly embrace solar assets

LONDON — Large institutional invPIC1estors and private equity funds the world over are showing an increasing interest for solar assets. Investments in solar are expanding rapidly, while at the same time high-carbon assets are being pushed aside. Even some sovereign wealth funds, which usually have a very restrictive investment policy, are considering or already investing in real renewable assets.

CfD’s (Contracts for Difference): 5 things you need to know

Big changes have been anSolar_1nounced by the UK government regarding changes to the support machanism for large scale PV,  with the government moving from Renewable Energy Certificates (ROC’s) to CfD’s (Contracts for Difference). Below are 5 key aspects and considerations that should be in the mind of any PV professional operating in the UK.



PRESS RELEASE Intersolar: New online tool for the efficient trading of solar projects

Milk the Sun Blog

Milk the Sun

Intersolar: New online tool for the efficient trading of solar projects


Berlin, Germany April 23, 2014 – Milk the Sun has developed a new tool which enables companies to create an online marketplace for their existing solar installations, turnkey systems and project rights on their own website. Milk the Sun’s new online solution will be presented at Intersolar 2014. The tool allows EPCs, project developers and manufacturers to upload their projects via a user-optimized input screen, and update the information whenever necessary. This will increase sales efficiency and provide an additional sales channel for projects, as offers are presented both on and on the users’ own website. Milk the Sun is one of the leading marketplaces for trading existing photovoltaic installations, PV project rights and unused rooftop or ground areas.

Crowdfunding for Solar PV: An interview with Abundance Generation

Crowdfunding for PV Projects UKCrowdfunding has been traditionally associated with the development of new software tools or online applications. Only in the past year has this innovative investment tool started to gain traction within the infrastructure field, with Solar PV being seen as a prime candidate for this diversified source of funding. The Milk the Sun blog spoke to Abundance Generation’s Tom Harwood on how their platform is seeking to blend the often challenging nature of Solar PV project financing with an open crowdfunding platform.

Solar project trading platform Milk the Sun gains strategic investment from Gründerfonds Münsterland and Howaldt Energies.

Howaldt Energies and Gründerfonds Münster have backed firm Milk the Sun with an investment in the solar trading platform of a confidential amount. Milk the Sun will be using this additional investment to expand its platform further, and to achieve deeper penetration into the global photovoltaic market.


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