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Net Worth Calculator: Determine The Value of Your PV System In 4 Easy Steps

Net Worth Calculator: Determine The Value of Your PV System In 4 Easy Steps

Do you know what your PV installation is worth? With the net worth calculator for running solar systems, you can quickly and cost-effectively determine the sales value of your installation. In just four steps, you can calculate the fair value of your PV system at a time you define.

Of Pigs and Cows – How to reliably plan a PV investment

Buy a pig in a poke? A successful investor shall gather the most detailed information possible about the profitability of his PV installation!

The internet offers several return-on-investment ROI calculators for photovoltaic energy investments, some of which are free of charge. They allow for making reliable forecasts of amortisation time, annual dividend or nominal power of solar installations. Since these are investments with a long time horizon of 20 to 30 years, factors such as future maintenance cost, electricity price and interest rates have to be included too.

PVCalc.org is such an online tool. The ROI calculator for PV installations helps developers, engineers and solar technologists with planning and realisation of their PV project. Taking into account all relevant factors (this includes irradiation, annual yield, leverage, purchase price and inflation rate) PVCalc accurately calculates the expected return on investment.

The individual results are presented in several graphs and tables, and can be downloaded in different formats.

What better way to find your cash cow? Milk the Sun the photovoltaic market place entered into a co-operation with Mayer Analytics, the developer of PVCalc. Mayer Analytics unites energy, finance and trading. It created PVCalc as part of the investment advisory service. Now investors can access the ROI calculator directly from the online platform of MilktheSun.com.