Net Worth Calculator: Determine The Value of Your PV System With our Free Online Tool

Net Worth Calculator: Determine The Value of Your PV System With our Free Online Tool

What is my PV-System actually worth? Get a quick answer to this question by using our online Net Worth Calculator, the most popular price indication tool on the market, which calculates a reference value for your photovoltaic system in just three easy steps.

This value indication makes you well prepared for sales negotiations.

The Net Worth Calculator determines the value of your photovoltaic system based on the data you enter in an intuitive form. All input fields are explained using so-called tooltips in order to prevent input errors that can lead to incorrect results.

Once you’ve entered the required data correctly, you will receive an overview of indicative values for your photovoltaic system where different return expectations have been taken into account. This range of results shows you which selling price you can expect based on return expectations of the investors.

Step 1: Load the Net Worth Calculator

You can access the Net Worth Calculator either via the link or via our navigation bar on under “Marketplace” and then “Net Worth Calculator”. Here you will find important information on how to use the calculator.

It is important to note that our Net Worth Calculator provides you with an initial point of reference for determining your sales value. You can make detailed and more precise calculations and evaluations using our ROI Planner. To be on the safe side, you should check the values in detail in a technical due diligence, financial due diligence or legal due diligence. As a seller you can thus make your offer even more attractive for investors.

Via the button “Calculate value”, you can:

screenshot of the homepage of Milk the Sun's Net Worth Calculator

Step 2: Enter all relevant data for the calculation

Enter general information about the PV-System

In the first section you will be asked for general information about your photovoltaic system, such as project size in kWp, date of grid connection, specific yield, remuneration for the generated electricity, initial investment or acquisition costs, and the country in which the system is located.

type in your pvsystem information

Enter operating costs

The ongoing annual operating costs, such as maintenance, insurance and others, should be entered separately. Lease costs should also be entered as an annual sum.

operational expenses

Enter debt financing

If your photovoltaic system is debt financed, you have the option of entering the corresponding data in this section. If not, you can skip this area.

You need the amount of debt financing as a percentage of the total investment sum, the interest rate and the term of the loan.

information on debt financing

Contact information

If you are already registered on the and are currently logged in, you can proceed to Step 3 and click on “Calculate”. Your results will be loaded immediately.

If you are not yet registered, you will first be asked to subscribe to our newsletter by entering your contact details, such as your name and email address. After confirming the double opt-in e-mail you will be able to see your results.

type in your contact information

Step 3: Calculate the value of your photovoltaic system.

After you enter all the data and click on the “Calculate” button, the system checks whether the all data has been entered in the correct format.

Please note that mandatory fields are marked with a * and will be marked red if they are filled out incorrectly. The correct format of the entry is given in the respective field as an example.

Explanations of the individual fields can be found in the tooltips that you see when you move the mouse over the black “i” next to each field.

If all data has been entered in the correct format, the result of your calculation is displayed as graph and in a table.

On one hand, a graph will illustrate the sensitivity of the result depending on your return expectation. On the other hand, a table will show you corresponding values with alternative expected returns on equity.

results of the net worth calculator and current value of the PV system

You also have the possibility to offer your photovoltaic system for sale directly on our marketplace. All you have to do is click on the button “Sell project”. If you need a more detailed valuation of your project, you can order the ROI planner by clicking on “Order ROI planner”. Of course you can also add your project to our free to use Asset Management and observe the value of your system over time. You can do this by clicking on “Learn more”.

next steps after calculating your PV system value

List and explanation of the required fields:

  • Grid connection: Date at which the PV system is/was connected to the grid
  • Specific yield: The average annual yield in kWh/kWp that the plant has achieved so far
  • Installed capacity: The nominal capacity of the system in kWp
  • New cost of the installation: the net amount for which the installation was originally constructed
  • the amount of the feed-in tariff: The amount of the remuneration in cent/kWh
  • Degradation loss p.a.: Decrease in the output of PV modules per year in percent
  • Insurance costs p.a.: Average operating costs  The cost for insurance of the PV system per year
  • Operation and maintenance costs p.a.: Cost for technical maintenance, inspection, etc. of the PV system per year
  • Other costs p.a.: e.g. costs for tax consultation, cleaning, etc. per year
  • Lease p.a.: Annual costs incurred by the use of the lease. For one-time payment, please enter 0 here and add the payment to the sum “New costs of the system”.
  • Total amount of loan:Amount of the purchase price that was financed by borrowed capital
  • Interest rate: Interest rate for borrowed capital in percent
  • Duration: Duration of the loan

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