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Photovoltaics in Canada – An Introduction

Canada is one of the highest energy consumers per capita in the world. Due to its geography, Canada is currently the world’s second …

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Mainstream utility generation ‘trending’ in the PV sector

Utility-scale applications have doubled in a year to 12GW, while growth in other parts of the PV sector has slowed. Philip Wolfe, whose book …

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Photovoltaic in the United Kingdom – an overview

Country: United Kingdom (UK) Area: 244,820 km2 Population: 61.8 Million Language: English Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy …

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Photovoltaic in: France – an overiew

Country: France Area: 668,763 km² Population: 65.4 Million Language: French Government: Republic Electricity Consumption: 425. 655 GWh/Year …

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Photovoltaic in: Italy – an overview

Country: Italy Area: 301,338km² Population: 61 Million Language: Italian Government: Parliamentary Republic Electricity Consumption: …

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Future Market? Renewable energies and photovoltaics in Poland

Wierzchosławice has made the decision – further installations should follow soon: in September 2011 the village counting 10.000 …

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