Poland: Second renewables auction ahead

Poland: Second renewables auction ahead

Poland has announced a second auction for solar, wind and hydro power projects, to be held on June 29th. The project sizes will range from 40 kW to 1 MW, with solar receiving the biggest shares.

In December last year, Poland held its first-ever auction for renewable energy projects. It resulted in 82 new MW-sized projects being selected, with a ceiling price for PV of 465 PLN ($125.1 USD)/MWh.


Second auction intended to continue success

In order to keep supporting renewables and pushing towards a climate-friendly energy future, a second auction will follow this summer. According to Poland’s Ministry of Energy, it will be held on June 29th by the Polish energy regulator URE.

Once again, solar, wind and hydro power projects will be competing, with sizes varying between 40 kW and 1 MW. The ceiling prices aimed for at the moment are not intended to beat last year’s result, with 450 PLN (121.1 USD)/MWh for solar, 350 PLN/MWh for wind and 480 PLN/MWh for hydro. Just as last time, solar will be receiving the biggest shares.

Overall, the auction is budgeted at 2.18 billion PLN and expected to contract 4,725 GWh of renewable energies.


Poland striving for greener energy future

In July 2016, the Polish government adjusted the country’s renewable energy law, introducing an auction mechanism covering PV installations with a power of more than 40 kW and a net-metering scheme for PV systems up to 40 kW.

The plans seem to come to fruition: By the end of last year, Poland’s overall capacity had reached 199 MW, with about half the capacities installed under the green certificate scheme (and thus registered by the Polish energy regulator URE) and the other half built under net metering. With the upcoming auction, this figure is expected to rise.


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