The New ROI Planner: Valuation, Profitability Calculation And Benchmarking In One Document

The New ROI Planner: Valuation, Profitability Calculation And Benchmarking In One Document

Thanks to our new ROI Planner report, you can easily evaluate and plan a photovoltaic (PV) investment, determine the value of an existing PV system in a standardized way, and analyse the cost structure of your current investment to identify cost drivers.

We have improved our ROI Planner based on our years of market experience, knowing the important requirements from investors, banks and insurance companies, and using the data from thousands of PV systems uploaded on our platform.

The result is a valuation tool that is unique on the market in terms of price-performance ratio.

What does the ROI Planner contain?

The ROI Planner presents all the relevant valuation factors you need for an equity analysis at a glance. The results are based on the data you will provide about your photovoltaic system or another planned PV investment.

The report consists in a meaningful comparison of your profit and return data as well as your cost structure, combined with an indication of potential optimisation for your PV system.

In addition, you will receive a current evaluation of your PV system as of the balance sheet date at the expected returns (in line with the market), or a return calculation for any other planned investment.

Of course, the ROI Planner report also contains a cash flow calculation (excluding taxes and depreciation), which is customary in the industry, including a simulation of the main sensitivities of the investment.

Why would you need a photovoltaic ROI report?

Does this sound familiar? Three providers – three different methods to determine key figures and the profitability of your investment.

We provide you with a tool to make your own decisions thanks to the right key figures, so you can enter every financing discussion with your bank well prepared and be optimally equipped for other sales and purchase discussions.

In our experience, you would need a ROI Planner report if you are in one of the following situations:

  • if you would like to invest in a photovoltaic system and determine the return on your investment based on the purchase price and the yield and cost factors,
  • if you are planning to sell your PV system and want to determine the expected purchase price on the basis of normal market yields,
  • if you want to compare the actual yields and returns of your current PV system with previous yield and return forecasts,
  • if you would like to simulate the immediate effects of planned optimization measures on income, cost or financing positions on the cash flow and future return on your PV investment.

The report is structured in such a way that it is accepted by many banks as a business plan for your PV investment to be financed. It also provides a good basis for entering into negotiations and disputes with little effort and optimally prepared.

woman works with the ROI planner to optimize her photovoltaic investment

What has been improved?

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we created a better version of our ROI planner that is also more flexible, and can be better adapted to each individual configuration.

Concrete improvements have been made to the following points:

  • the report is now available not only in German but also in English
  •  in addition to the classic feed-in tariff and own consumption, you can also process direct marketing and the PPA as a form of remuneration
  • beginning and end of the respective form of remuneration can be freely defined
  • instead of one loan, two loans can now be represented
  • in addition to the annuity loan, instalment loans are now also supported
  • the consideration of amortization-free periods is also possible
  • in addition to the annual lease payment, the one-off lease is also taken into account
  • additional results now include a fair value view and a presentation of the amortization period for the equity used

How to order the ROI Planner

It is important to note that all evaluations can only be as good as the quality of the data you provide us with during the reporting process.

To collect the data, please use our online form here. We make reasonable basic assumptions to facilitate your input.

Once we have received your data and your order, we will check it for plausibility, and then prepare your individual report in cooperation with experienced experts within 2 working days. After an internal check, we will inform you by e-mail that the report is ready. Once the final check is complete, you will receive your report as a PDF file and an Excel data sheet for retrieval in your customer account.

Sample report and chapter overview

To convince yourself of the quality of the report, you can have a look at our sample PDF.

The report is structured as follows:

1. Project overview

The project overview provides a summary of all important key figures for project evaluation and the optimisation potential of your PV system.

2. Operating result and cash flow

In this section you will be shown the development of the operating result (EBITDA) and the development of the cash flow of your PV system.

3. Detailed cash flow

This summarises the cash-effective income and expenditure excluding taxes and their development in a table over the entire period under consideration.

4. Expenditure

Here, the individual cost components of your PV system are graphically displayed and in a second graph they are put in relation to the respective revenues.

5. Benchmark

This part shows the cost optimization potential of your PV investment and breaks it down into the most important cost components. Our benchmark is based on current market prices from our platform’s data.

6. Sensitivity

Here we graphically illustrate the dependencies of Return on Equity on the Equity Ratio of your PV investment. In addition, the dependence of the average cash flow on the specific yield of your system is also shown graphically.

7. Data used and assumptions

This section shows on which data basis and under which assumptions we arrive at the above-mentioned results and evaluations.

8. Glossary

The glossary is intended to explain terms used for better comprehensibility.

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