Selling your PV projects and plants: Milk the Sun makes an easy, 4-step sale possible!

Selling your PV projects and plants: Milk the Sun makes an easy, 4-step sale possible!

Would you like to sell your PV projects or solar plants? Milk the Sun offers the world’s largest open marketplace for the online trading of solar systems and PV projects. We will show you how you can present your PV project to an interested audience – in just a few steps.


1. Add the project

To start the setup process, click on “Sell PV system” on our homepage.

Add PV project or system


2. Select the project type

The details on your project are queried via the upcoming input masks. In the first step, select the project type.

Caution: The different project types require different specific details, which means that a subsequent modification of the type is not possible.

The query is then followed by questions regarding the surface type of your project.

Choose the type of your PV project


3. Project details

Depending on your selection, you will be asked to enter the specific data of your system.

Describe your PV system by entering data

In order to give investors the best possible impression of your system, you should fill in at least all the input fields with an asterisk (*). Additional information can be provided in the comment field. The better and more detailed you think about your investment, the easier it is for investors to get a complete picture of it. By clicking on “Next step” you will be redirected.

Go through all the detail queries one at a time and fill in the fields with the details for your project. Clicking on “Next step” will take you to the next category. As a result, the current one is minimized. By clicking on an already completed category, you can change existing details at a later stage.

Enter all the details of your PV project


4. Specify contact details

As soon as all details about your project are recorded, you will be asked for your contact data. In addition, you can quickly and easily add project exposés, contracts, ownership documents and other documents under “Upload files”. Milk the Sun provides you with a secure data room free of charge.

By selecting “private” or “public”, you can specify whether your project should only be visible to you or be displayed on our marketplace to our users and potential customers and investors. By selecting “Finish”, the project is saved and released for review by our employees.

Are you unsure about the current value of your system? Then use our free PV net worth calculator.

Of course, the Milk the Sun team is at your disposal whenever you need further information about your solar systems, unused areas and PV projects.


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