Solarganizer by Milk the Sun: contract management made easy

Solarganizer by Milk the Sun: contract management made easy

Running a PV system can create an enormous amount of contracts over time. The Solarganizer powered by Milk the Sun helps you organise, categorise and permanently save all your PV documents according to a standardised scheme. This way, you will never lose track of your documents again and you can access them when- and wherever you want. Reminders will automatically alert you to important dates, cancellation periods, maintenance and cleaning periods, warranty expiration, tax and bookkeeping deadlines. The Solarganizer will even optimize your contracts for you by analysing whether there might be any potential to save money in your contracts. Your documents will be permanently saved on servers in German data centers via SSL encryption. In 4 quick steps you can easily install the Solarganizer for your personal contract management – completely free-of-charge.


The Solarganizer is a complimentary service of the world’s largest open online-marketplace for solar plants: Milk the Sun. In 4 small steps we will show you how to get your very own personal organizer for your PV documents started.


Step 1: Registration with Milk the Sun

Register for free at This way you gain free access to your personal cockpit from where you can easily manage your PV system and access the Solarganizer.


  1. Free registration with
9444 homepage


  1. Your Milk the Sun cockpit

In the cockpit you can set up your PV system’s organisation, monitor your activities on Milk the Sun, book services for your PV system or access the Solarganizer.


myMilktheSun cockpit



Step 2: Set up your PV system(s)

In order to use the Solarganizer properly you first have to set up your PV system. You will receive a separate data room for each individual PV system.


  1. Set up PV system via the button “My PV Systems”

Set up PV system


  1. Quick steps to set up your PV system

Our install wizard will guide you through the set up of your PV system.

Add PV system in a few simple steps



Step 3: Uploading your documents in the Solarganizer

Congratulations. You have succesfully set up your PV system with Milk the Sun and are ready to use the Solarganizer. Now, you can select the PV system you wish to manage via the Solarganizer button and start uploading your contracts and documents.

  1. Select PV system in Solarganizer

Select your PV system in the Solarginizer



2. Your personal data room for PV contracts and other documents

Your personal organizerload documents via Drag & Drop and tagging


3. Upload documents via drag & drop and tagging

With the easy use of drag& drop you can simply organise and move around contracts, receipts and other documents. By tagging the documents they will be automatically organised alphabetically and will, therefore, be easy to find.

Congratulations. You have succesfully saved your documents in the Solarganizer.


Step 4: Create a reminder


The Solarganizer will alert you to pending dates, cancellation periods, maintenance and cleaning periods, warranty expiration as well as tax and bookkeeping deadlines.


  1. Select document

After uploading your documents you can record your appointments for each individual document. For this, you need to select the document for which you want to activate the reminder. This will take you to the details section of the document.

Details section of document

  1. Add a reminder

Select the green calendar sheet, in order to record your appointments.

Add a reminder


Enter the date of the upcoming appointment that is affiliated with the selected document. Afterwards press „save“. The reminder is now activated and saved to the Solarganizer’s internal calendar. You will receive an auto-confirmation email, which will show you how to save your appointments to Outlook or Apple calendar.


  1. Your reminders

You can view all dates and appointments you created with the Solarganizer in your personal cockpit at You will be automatically alerted shortly before an appointment.

Congratulations you have succesfully created an automatic alert.