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Are you an expert on various aspects of renewable energies and photovoltaics? Are you working for a PV firm, are you engaged with a university research institute or did you gather some experiences in the field of photovoltaic, which make you an specialist in that field? If you also enjoy writing, then we are searching exactly for you – to publish an article on

Exciting stories, remarkable personalities and original ideas are always interesting for Milk the Sun. We would be delighted if you would like to share your article with our audience.

You should consider the following rules as a visiting author:

–  Objectivity: Try to remain objective, do not include personal advertisement.

–  Unique content: The article must not have been published elsewhere before.

Added value: The article should provide the readers with an added value.

–  Structure: For legibility keep the structure of the article clean.

–  Writing style: Write in a pleasant, casual manner.

–  Length: The article should be at least 500 words long.

–  Visual background: A graphic, a picture or a photo should be a part of the article.

–  Copyrights: The article has to be your own work and it must not break the copyright law.

–  Author’s biography: You should include a short note about the author at the end of the article.


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Of course you gain advantages through writing an article for our website. By publishing a guest article you have a chance to establish yourself on the renewable energy scene and in the photovoltaic industry. We guarantee you a DoFollow link for each published article.

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The received articles will be reviewed by us and then published as soon as possible. The author(s) receive a publishing email from us. If there are any changes necessary, we naturally inform the author.

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