How to buy operational solar installations through Milk the Sun

Milk the Sun offers numerous operational PV plants through its online marketplace at . These installations can be isolated via the search mask.

Complete the following steps under the PV Installations & Projects tab:

Find an operational PV plant to buy on Milk the Sun

Choose Rights Systems. Additionally, you can determine whether the photovoltaic system is rooftop or ground-mounted. Once you have selected the desired system type, click on the button “results” to get an overview over the projects available. Your search results will include a preview of eligible project, each with a brief overview of basic project information. By click on a project you get to the detail page.

The overview over each pv project for sale

The detailed view offers comprehensive information such as the terms of payment.

Please note that when you are logged in more free information is available. We suggest therefore that you log in before you begin your search. You can register for free via this link if you still have not done so.

Before you can purchase a system or gain direct access to a project supplier, you will need to unlock the missing contact information. Click on the large lock beneath the system picture.

Unlock contact data pv system onwer

At this point we charge a nominal fee of 25 EUR for the release of contact information. Afterwards you will be in direct contact with the system owner. Milk the sun’s online photovoltaic marketplace allows you to find the right PV systems for your portfolio.

A commission will be levied upon you, the investor, upon the signing of a deal. This commission is based on the power of the PV system or project, or alternatively on the size in square meters of the land acquired. 

Price list buy solar system Milk the Sun

A commission is levied upon successful investment in a PV project, PV system or land-plot

*These prices do not include the additional value-added tax currently at 19%

**For unplanned and undeveloped land/rooftops, the commission is calculated from the land area. Pitched roofs are estimated to provide 1kWp / 10 m² and flat roofs (up to 5% slope) and land provide 1kWp / 20 m².

All prices are available under our price list.

 Here is a direct link to our search bar: