Successful Intersolar! The industry reflourishes

Successful Intersolar! The industry reflourishes

Our first own exhibition stand, plenty of visitors, valuable contacts and a fantastic programme: Intersolar 2016 was a big success – not just for us exhibitioners but for the entire industry, too. It was a stimulating event for networking and business making as well as for team building and development. After this remarkable Intersolar, we can be sure: The solar industry flourishes again.


It’s always easy to speak of something as a big success in hindsight. But turning a big undertaking such as the Intersolar into a successful one is quite a challenge. Expectations and demands are high and manifold and the tasks ahead seem endless.

Our company went from Berlin to Bavaria, with recurring stops in Munich at the Intersolar and in Feldafing near the beautiful Starnberg Lake, where Milk the Sun’s headquarters was situated. One industry, one team, one journey, one exhibition, many accomplishments. This is our review of the the Intersolar 2016 in Munich.

Our first own exhibition stand. Meeting point and eye-catcher

Our first own exhibition stand as meeting point


Ever since our market launch in March 2012 it has been part of our business’s DNA to be present at the Intersolar as exhibitioners. There is no better place in the solar industry to anchor your products in the memory of the solar industry’s decision makers. It is also a great opportunity to make new contacts. Before, this was organised through different organisations that allocated companies at communal exhibition stands. This year things changed. It was time for us to disengage and see what else was out there. So we moved from a 9 square meter cell to a 42 square meter proper exhibition stand. From a building brick to an eye-catcher. From being a subletter to becoming a chief exhibitioner.


Plenty of high-profile visitors at Intersolar


At Intersolar Europe market-leading companies, decision makers and players of the entire solar industry come together and mingle. Quality talks are basically guranteed throughout the day. At our own exhibition stand we offered our vistors a plattform to meet and create sustainable business relations. Nine Milk the Sun professionals took care of our exhibition stand. They carried through meetings, promoted or finalises projects and found new clients and partners. Nine employees might seem a lot in a 42 square metre area but with the high flux of high-profile visitors nine sometimes did not seem enough. Exhibition-feeling at its best.



Great exhibition equals great atmosphere


The Intersolar Europe started off with great news this year. Not only, did 43,000 people from 160 different countries visit the exhibition. But both the Intersolar and the ees Europe were able to expand their exhibition grounds by 8.4 per cent and benefited from an increase of 7,0 per cent in exhibtioners. At the same time the weather was exceptionally good, encouraging exhibitioners and visitors to make deals. For us, this was reason enough to celebrate this exhbition at our own stand as well as at external stand parties or in the evening in beer gardens with the rest of the team.


What a great atmosphere at Intersolar – at the stands and in the beer garden


Relaxation at Starnberg Lake


With all these stimulating talks and meetings going on, weh ad to remind ourselves that a succesful exhibition is not just about work. It is also a team event. We, therefore, returned every evening to our rented head quarters in Feldafing near Lake Starnberg. Here we enjoyed communal cooking and nights out in the beer garden. A quick evening or morning swim would bring some longed-for refreshment and after that we’d all enjoy having breakfast together. These experiences turned the Intersolar into a throrough success.


The perfect place to relax

Great ideas come in small sizes


The Intersolar Europe is a place for innovations and ideas of all sizes. Ranging from PV complete solutions, storage and other services, to marketplaces and revolutionary add-ons – it was all there at Intersolar. However, there was one big highlight that wasn’t technical at all: climate change explained on a beer mat. A big and complex topic becomes easy. This amazing little thing communicated the topic’s relevance quickly and sustainably.


In order to turn an exhibition such as Intersolar into a big success you need to meet high expectations and fulfill many daunting tasks. Intersolar Europe 2016 was an exhibition that set new standards. It demonstrated that the solar industry reflourishes. And it became a team event that emphasized and boosted Milk the Sun’s spectacular growth. We can, therefore, speak of an utterly succesful event. From Berlin to Munich and Feldafing, from Exhibition Hall B3 to Hall A1, from the first exchange of words to the first exchange of contacts, from a the first meeting to the first signing of contracts.

Intersolar Europe 2016 is over and the solar industry has regained its power. We, too, have exceeded our expectations and are all looking forward to the next Intersolar in 2017. We will be back and aim to surprise you and ourselves again. Hopefully, it’ll be as much of a thorough succes as this year!