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Crowdfunding for Solar PV: An interview with Abundance Generation

Crowdfunding has been traditionally associated with the development of new software tools or online applications. Only in the past year has …

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Guest Article: The German Direct Marketing Framework and Potential Benefits for your Assets

In the introductory blog post, I highlighted “tuning” options for your German renewable energy assets considering the nuances of the …

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Guest Article: How to Tune Your German Green Energy Asset Without Getting Sun Burnt in the Attempt

How can the returns on green energy assets be amplified without refinancing? What can be done to eliminate those “love handles” on wind …

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Photovoltaics in Canada – An Introduction

Canada is one of the highest energy consumers per capita in the world. Due to its geography, Canada is currently the world’s second …

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Mainstream utility generation ‘trending’ in the PV sector

Utility-scale applications have doubled in a year to 12GW, while growth in other parts of the PV sector has slowed. Philip Wolfe, whose book …

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Photovoltaic in the United Kingdom – an overview

Country: United Kingdom (UK) Area: 244,820 km2 Population: 61.8 Million Language: English Government: Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy …

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