The inverter – indispensable Achilles’ heel of a solar system

The inverter – indispensable Achilles’ heel of a solar system

Inverters are indispensable for solar systems. While solar modules are generating electricity from the sun rays they are exposed to, they are the essential component of a photovoltaic system that ensures that this electricity can be used or forwarded.


Power from solar modules is direct current (DC). Almost all electrical devices as well as the public network are alternating current (AC). The inverter takes over the task of converting the direct current into alternating current.


MPP tracking for optimal returns

Therefore not only the performance of the solar modules is significant for the yield of a solar system, but also the efficieny of the inverters that it uses. As a result, the maximum power of the connected modules should not exceed the rated DC power of the inverter – as this ensures that the inverter gets to work under the best conditions, converting the produced current.

Today’s inverters are technically very sophisticated. Efficiency significantly above 90 percent is not a rarity. Most inverters receive support from the so-called MPP tracker (Maximum PowerPoint). The MPP tracker ensures that the voltage is continuously adapted to the current power generation. The higher the voltage range of an inverter, the more flexibly it can react to changing conditions.


Obligatory for operators: inverter warranty

However, the inverter is also one of the most frequent causes of faults in photovoltaic systems. In addition to constant current and voltage fluctuations, external influences such as dust, humidity or high temperatures also harm the inverter. Thus technical failures are likely to happen. It is important to notice the failure in a timely manner and also to fix it in order to minimize downtime.

An inverter guarantee extension is therefore the logical solution to the problem. The manufacturer’s warranty for inverters is usually seven years. With a feed-in tariff of 20 years, it is therefore important to think about the further handling of the guarantees. A simple solution is offered by inverter warranty extensions, which come into effect when the initial guarantee expires.

An individual concept for the extension of your inverter warranty is also available at Milk the Sun. The manufacturer-independent warranty extension also insures against damages caused by manufacturer insolvency. Runtime and notice periods are negotiable.

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