The first half of 2018: What plant operators should expect

The first half of 2018: What plant operators should expect

What is required of plant operators in the upcoming six months? What has to be taken into account? We have summarized important dates and recommendations for you.


January: Checking the inverter warranty eliminates possible doubts: Are the inverters older than 5 years? Then it is likely that the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Extending your inverter warranty means you can protect yourself from unexpected repair costs.

There are also opportunities for financing. If the fixed-interest period ends in the first half of the year, it is worth comparing current terms.


February: Spring is almost here and so are the sunny months. Anyone planning a PV cleaning to maximize yields should organize cleaning appointments in good time.


March: The year-end settlement of the energy supplier / grid operator is available in March in many countries. Did your earnings fall short of expectations? A yield report provides information about deviations that should be promptly addressed (for example through an inspection).


April: After the winter season, a thorough check of the PV system makes a lot of difference. Snow and ice and other weather impacts often cause little damage, which can increase over time and cause high repair costs. A spring inspection helps.


May: In many countries, the tax return deadline is end of May. If an extension is required, it should be requested early.

Especially for plants that are particularly exposed to pollination, a summer cleaning can be worthwhile. Do not forget to secure an appointment.

June: From June 20 to 22, the world’s leading solar trade fair takes place in Munich. Milk the Sun will be present with a booth again when the Intersolar 2018 opens its doors. We look forward to welcoming you there.


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We wish all operators a good, sunny photovoltaic year 2018!