Important Dates And Tasks For PV Operators & Investors In The Second Half of 2023

Important Dates And Tasks For PV Operators & Investors In The Second Half of 2023

According to the motto “same procedure as every year”, operators of PV systems and investors will again have a number of recurring tasks to perform this year, and there are a number of important dates to keep in mind, especially for investors, which we have compiled below in a short monthly summary for the second half of the year.


July 2023

Optimize financing

If the fixed interest rate of your photovoltaic financing expires in the second half of the year, it is worth comparing the loan conditions for follow-up financing at an early stage. In addition to better conditions, the loan collateral can also be renegotiated if necessary.

Benchmark the yield of your PV system

Basing yourself on the first 6 months of the year, you can assess the performance of your PV system. This is the right time to check which adjustments you can make to optimise the ROI (Return on Investment) of your system. With the help of the Return on Investment planner, you can benchmark the yields and costs of your system and find out what kind of optimisation possibilities you have in the second half of the year, or in preparation for 2024 already.


August 2023

Secure a cleaning date

Pollen and dust, but also other impurities are a major problem for most PV systems. Secure your cleaning appointment on time to keep the yields high. You can find more information on this topic in our solar panels cleaning guide.


September 2023

Optimisation of your current contracts: do not miss the notice period

For all other contracts, whether for technical maintenance or commercial management, it is also worthwhile to benchmark them on the market and, if necessary, to terminate the old contracts in due time. New contracts often offer not only better conditions, but also an optimised range of services.


October 2023

Last chance for a cost-effective thermography check

Experience has shown that October still offers a few sunny days to have a thermography of your PV system, carried out by a drone.

Use thermal imaging to detect even the smallest damage (e.g. hotspots, string failures) on your system at an early stage, and take the measures to repair them.

Check the sales value of your PV system

If you are planning to sell your system, then now is an ideal time to do it. Investors are particularly ready to pay top prices for a PV system at the end of the year because of a much higher demand. Determine the value of your system simply and for free thanks to our online tool: the Net Worth Calculator.


November 2023

Check inverter warranty

If the manufacturer’s warranty of your inverter supplier expires with the turn of the year, it may now be worthwhile to minimize the risk of an inverter failure thanks to a warranty extension. With us, you can extend the inverter warranty regardless of the manufacturer.


December 2023

Check conditions for direct marketers

In order to receive the optimum remuneration for the electricity produced by your system from the very beginning, you should benchmark your direct marketer.