Invisible solar cells and other newest rooftop solar techniques

Invisible solar cells and other newest rooftop solar techniques

If you are keeping up with new technologies, then it is easy to notice the advancements we are making in this industry day by day. For the renewable energy sector this is the case as well. With innovative ways to harness energy and new gadgets, every green movement enthusiast’s wildest dreams are becoming true. So what’s new with solar cells?


Transparent Solar cells made in Switzerland

The latest development that is getting everyone excited, is the world’s first invisible solar panels. The Swiss firm SCEM, has come up with a way to capture light from the invisible ends of the spectrum, allowing all other light to pass through, making these solar cells look transparent. The solar technology is crystalline silicon-based in order to mold them into modules that can be blended in with building surfaces of any color, making these panels look invisible.

These solar cells work at a much lower temperature, they can be used on nearly all surfaces including windows, it is possible to implement them into other consumer products.
The aesthetic design or features will not be hindered by these panels, therefore they are not restricted to rooftops. Scientists and startups are working hard to improve these solar cells and have high hopes for them in the future.


Variety of solar cells and modules increases

Despite that the future is looking more “energized” thanks to the invisible solar cells, there are other solar technology products already available to consumers while they wait for the best to come. The increasing demand on solar roofs in the recent years, have led to a decrease in manufacturing costs as well as unique new solar products, including:

Thermal tiles made from glass: This is a solar thermal system, transferring heat from air to water that can be used for heating. These tiles get installed on top of black nylon canvas with air slots underneath. As the black color absorbs heat from the sun the air starts to circulate. Water gets heated by this hot air, connected to your heating system of the house by an accumulator.

Modular solar arrays: They are ready to use on delivery, because they come fully assembled, tested, and pre-wired from the factory. Instead of having permanent solar cells setup, which can be a complex process, this can be seen as a more reliable solar systems that cost less to install and can be installed in a fraction of the time

Integrated solar cells: These cells are thin-film which can integrate with traditional roofing materials such as metal, slate, fiber-cement and ¬asphalt roofing. These materials replace conventional building materials in parts of the building envelope. Integrated solar cells are being use in construction of new buildings as a principal source of electrical power.

As the green movements keeps on moving, people are seeing the benefits of renewable energy and technology gets improved by the day. We will see advancements in products that will become more available on a large-scale. It will help push forward the solar power production.

Author: Matthew is a home improvement writer working for Arizona Roofing Systems. He promotes sustainable and affordable living, green house solutions and solar energy.

Title image: 24Novembers/shutterstock