Milk the Sun’s new search assistant: Your individual search request in a few steps

Milk the Sun’s new search assistant: Your individual search request in a few steps

The new search assistant from Milk the Sun finds for you interesting PV projects that meet your investment criteria. As soon as a suitable PV system or project is added by a seller, you receive an email with the project information. All you have to do is create one (or more) search profiles, which will be used by your personal search assistant to browse through Milk the Sun’s online marketplace. In this tutorial, we show you how you can create your search profiles in a few simple steps.


1. Log in to your account on

In order to create and submitt a search request, you must first log in/register on After login in/registering, you will be automatically directed to your personal cockpit “myMilktheSun“. Here you will find, among others, a section with your search assistant. Click on “Search assistant” (see graphic, red frame).

The search assistant can be found in the left column under “myMilktheSun”.


2. Create a new search request

You will be taken to a landing page that describes you briefly what the benefits of your search assistant are. By clicking on the green button “Create a new search request“, you will be taken to the input screen, where you can define your investment criteria.

Create a new search request.

Now you can choose which project or system type you prefer, which size range your project should have. You can also select the location of the installation, define the desired grid connection date of the PV system and determine the amount of your investment. The number of projects meeting your surch criteria that are already on Milk the Sun’s platform will be automatically displayed.

After entering all your criteria, click on the button “Save search and receive new projects via email” to save your search request.

Save your search request to be automatically informed in future about matching projects.

You will be prompted to answer 2 questions, in a drop down menu, to optimize your the results of your search request. Please answer both questions with “Yes” or “No” and then click on the blue button “Save“.

Answer the 2 questions with Yes or No

A pop up will apprear in order to enter a name for your search request. Enter a name and click on the blue button “OK“.

Enter a name for your search request

Done! You will be automatically notified by email as soon as a matching project is inserted on Milk the Sun’s platform.

3. Manage/modify search requests

In your personal cockpit “myMilktheSun”, you can now manage your search requests by clicking on the zoom symbol in your search assistant box with the sub-title “Saved searches“.

This takes you to an overview of your saved search requests. Here you can edit, delete or add new search requests. You can save up to three different search requests simultaneously.

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