National Consumer Education Campaign to be launched by SEIA

National Consumer Education Campaign to be launched by SEIA

SEIA will launch a “National Consumer Education Campaign“ that will operate US-wide. The goal is to inform and protect consumers and to simplify the process of going solar.


Unknowingness, based upon confusing or too little information, often leads to an uncertainty that makes potential consumers decide against going solar. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) aims to build “a strong solar industry to power America through advocacy and education“. In order to bring this foward, a new US-wide Consumer Education Campaign will soon be launched, as SEIA announced recently.


First suite of new tools released this week

SEIA started the campaign by releasing a suite of powerful new tools early this week that cover the full spectrum of residential transactions. The idea is to help customers understand the fundamentals of solar, enabling them to confidently compare offers and plan a realistic solar future.

The tools will be provided to governors, attorneys general, state consumer advocates, public utility commissions, solar companies, financial institutions, lead generators, federal agencies and various other organizations all over the Unites States. Most importantly, however, the resources will be presented directly to the millions of consumers that are looking at solar as a possible new energy resource.


Tools provided on SEIA’s website

SEIA’s president and CEO Abigail Ross Hopper explained the approach: “We’ve been developing top-of-the-line resources for years – now it’s about spreading the word and getting these resources into the hands of people who need it. Solar is still a new power choice for millions of Americans, and it’s critical that we cultivate a well-informed customer base. By doing their homework and making use of these tools, consumers and stakeholders alike will feel confident and comfortable in the decision to go solar.“

To make the tools easily accessible for all consumers, they can be downloaded free of charge from SEIA’s consumer protection portal.


More tools planned for the future

At the time being, 1.4 million US homes are using solar – and the industry expects another 3 million households to join them by 2021. As a result, appropriate education has never been more important.

Hence SEIA are planning further and improved tools to be provided in the future to make sure that consumers stay on top as the industry evolves.


SEIA’s efforts are greatly supported

In their quest for a stronger and more consumer-friendly solar future, SEIA receives support from various sides. Among these supporters is the Council of Better Business Bureaus, who, according to CEO Mary Power, back SEIA’s efforts to strengthen the industry and increase trust in the marketplace by providing accountability and transparency.

Another supporter is the General Counsel of Spruce Finance and co-chair of the SEIA Consumer Protection Committee, Nick Mack. „Using these resources benefits everyone – consumers, solar companies and financial institutions. We feel strongly that solar companies across America, large and small, should be using these tools today.“


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