Russia plans to reduce PV projects in upcoming auctions

Russia plans to reduce PV projects in upcoming auctions

Russia is making plans to reduce solar’s share in the country’s upcoming auctions for renewable energy projects. Of an additional 1 GW of capacity to be added in 2018, the major part will go to wind energy projects, leaving just 57 MW to PV.


With the current rise of the popularity of renewables, Russia is among those countries to auction off new projects in 2018. Overall, 1 GW will be allocated during various auctions next year. While the dates of the auctions remain to be confirmed, one thing has become known: Solar will have a much smaller share than before.


Just 57 MW of PV projects to be allocated as wind energy projects are pushed

The local wind and power association RAWI has reported that wind energy projects will have a much larger share in next year’s auctions than before. Based upon a statement from Russian First Deputy Energy Minister Alexei Texler, RAWI says that 899 MW of wind energy projects and just 57 MW of PV projects will be auctioned off in 2018.


Wind energy was also winner of this year’s auction

The fact that wind energy is very popular in Russia is not entirely new. A large renewable energy auction was held in June this year, with wind receiving the major chunk of 1.65 GW out of the total 2.2 GW. Meanwhile, solar projects made up just 520 MW. Hence 75% of the capacity went to wind and just 23% to solar. Next year, however, the gap will become even larger, with 90% of the capacity going to wind and a mere 5.7% to solar.


Currently installed PV capacity in Russia is 540 MW

Overall, Russia had an installed PV capacity of 540 MW as of end of 2016. This consists of 60 MW installed in 2015 and 70 MW added in 2016. Furthermore, several PV plants located on the formerly Ukrainian Crimea peninsula, which was seized by Russia in 2014, make up an additional 400 MW.

For the future, the Russian government has set a low target for solar of only 1.52 GW in the wholesale market by 2024.