Solar modules – the perfect cleaning

Solar modules – the perfect cleaning

Cleaning your solar modules the right way is not an easy process. We have collected some advice that will help you with the ideal maintenance, so that you get to enjoy your modules for as long as possible.

Once you have invested in solar modules, you will want to benefit from them for as long as possible. Good maintenance is essential for that. Like most things, solar modules require regular cleaning. How often it needs to be done depends entirely on the location and on how heavy pollution is, as dirt will lower the efficiency of your modules. The cleaning process is more complex than it may sound. However, by keeping our tips in mind you are bound to be on the right way.

A good check at the beginning of the season

Each spring, an expert should check your installation. The main idea is to get an overview of its condition. It should be ensured that all screws and fuses are clean and functional. Electronic data and the protection against lightning should be examined as well. Afterwards, you can get the expert’s advice on whether your installation needs cleaning. This not only depends on the grade of pollution, but also the type of dirt, as some may cause more harm than others.

Correct cleaning

Cleaning your modules properly is essential. Many owners try their usual household methods, by using soap, sponges or brushes – which often proves ineffective. However, this may seriously damage the special glass the modules are made of and cost you the manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers have strict regulations regarding the cleaning process, hence it should be performed by a professional. He will meet all necessary requirements, get rid of all dirt and ensure the cleaning is performed at the perfect time of day. This is during the cooler hours: the late evening or early morning.

Safety first

Most solar modules are positioned on a roof. Whenever work is done at such heights, safety precautions need to be taken. Most professionals have their own safety equipment. Furthermore, they have the necessary expertise required for handling electrical installations and know how to prevent electric shocks or short circuits. They will also know how to treat your installation correctly, thus preventing damage through carelessness, as can happen when, for instance, walking or kneeling on the panels.

Keeping up with the paperwork

Once finished, make sure you keep track of the cleaning service in your installation’s paperwork, Invoices should be kept for warranty. By taking notes on your maintenance and the installation’s efficiency, you can also figure out whether pollution is the actual cause for any decrease in power generation, or whether there might be a different issue.

Cleaning with Milk the Sun

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