Great progress for renewables in the United States

Great progress for renewables in the United States

Recent reports show that renewables have made great progress in the United States, which are also becoming more energy-aware. A recent report by the Environment America Research and Policy Center analyzes directly how these developments are taking place and what they could mean for America’s energy future.


Renewables have come a long way – globally, but especially in the United States. Former grass roots technologies such as solar panels or wind turbines are now a part of everyday life. The Environment America Research and Policy Center has now analyzed these developments and made a forecast for the future.


Energy revolution taking place in the United States

Almost eight times as much solar and wind energy is used today than 10 years ago, as the report shows. This means that over 25 million American homes are now powered by these two renewables. Furthermore, Americans seem to have become more energy-aware, using 10% less energy than in 2007. Combined with a 20-fold increase in battery storage of electricity as well as a massive growth in electric car sales, these facts lead Environment America to believe that an energy revolution is unfolding in the country.


Solar and wind are the strongest renewables

The strongest growth happened with solar and wind. According to the report, they have grown exponentially over the past few years. Solar went from powering 120,000 average American homes to powering 5 million. Meanwhile, wind energy is now powering 21 million households, as compared to 3 million in 2007. Moreover, the country’s first utility-scale offshore wind farm was installed last year, adding to this new massive capacity.


America becoming more climate conscious?

While the energy consumption of the U.S. had nearly tripled during the second half of the 20th century, the report explains that it is now sinking – despite a growth in population and economy. As a matter of fact, it has dropped by 3.6% over the past decade. Various factors have helped cause this positive development, among them improved technologies and decreasing costs.

This, however, is not the only fact that may indicate a greener energy future for America. According to Environment America, a growing number of U.S. cities, states, corporations and institutions are considering a full commitment to renewables – despite President Trump’s denial of global warming and climate change. As per now, almost 40 cities and nearly 100 major companies have made this pledge, hopefully leading the way for more.


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