Important Dates And Tasks For PV Operators & Investors In The First Half of 2020

Important Dates And Tasks For PV Operators & Investors In The First Half of 2020

Welcome to the year 2020!

According to the motto “same procedure as every year”, operators of PV systems and investors will again have a number of recurring tasks to perform this year, and there are a number of important dates to keep in mind, especially for investors, which we have compiled below in a short monthly summary for the first half of the year.

January 2020

Check conditions of direct marketers
In order to receive the optimum remuneration for the electricity produced by your PV system(s) right from the start, you should benchmark your direct marketer. Under certain circumstances, it may also be worthwhile to check whether switching to direct marketing of an old PV system is not more attractive than pure EEG remuneration.

Check inverter warranty
If the manufacturer’s warranty of your inverter supplier has expired with the turn of the year, it may now be worthwhile to minimize the cost risk of an inverter failure by means of an extended warranty. With us you can extend the inverter warranty regardless of the manufacturer.

Optimise financing
If the fixed interest rate of your photovoltaic financing expires in the first half of the year, it is worth comparing the financing conditions for follow-up financing at an early stage. In addition to better financing conditions, the loan collateral can also be renegotiated if necessary.

February 2020

Secure a cleaning date
The capacities for PV system cleaning in spring are limited and quickly sold out. It is better to ask for your desired date at the right time.

March 2020

Audit year-end accounts
The energy supplier/grid operator’s final accounts should be available in March. Are your earnings lower than expected? With a Return on Investment planner you can benchmark your yields and running costs and quickly find out where there is room for improvement.

Preparing annual accounts and tax returns
Once all the accounts are available, it is time to compile the documents for the preparation of the annual accounts and the tax return. In order to have all information and documents securely available online in the future, simply use our free solar asset management solution.

April 2020

Spring inspection
With a photovoltaic inspection, you can check your PV system for damage caused by ice and snow, for example. In this way you can prevent expensive repairs in the future and ensure maximum yields in the high-yielding months.

May 2020

Do not forget to clean your PV system
Pollen and dust, but also other impurities are a major problem for most PV systems. Secure your PV cleaning appointment in good time to keep the yields high. You can find more information on this topic in our solar panels cleaning guide.

June 2020

Intersolar 2020
The world’s leading solar trade fair will again be held in Munich from 17 to 19 June 2020. We are looking forward to your visit at our stand!

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