myMilktheSun – Efficient Photovoltaic Management for Operators and Investors

myMilktheSun – Efficient Photovoltaic Management for Operators and Investors

Efficient photovoltaic management made easy. With the personal cockpit solution myMilktheSun, PV-system operators and investors stay in control over all their photovoltaic systems, documents and contracts, PV systems for sale / purchase and have access to additional services. Compact, efficient and everything at a glance.


Milk the Sun is more than just an online marketplace for the trade of photovoltaic systems. With it’s personal cockpit solution myMilktheSun, the world’s leading open online platform for PV investments provides operators of PV-systems of all sizes with an efficient tool for their personal photovoltaic management. From the management of own photovoltaic systems and the online storage of contracts, the reminder of appointments up to the acquisition of services and the purchase / sale of solar plants: We take you step by step through the new, even more efficient cockpit for plant operators and investors.


Yield Data and Reminders

In the personal cockpit myMilktheSun, plant operators have the possibility to graphically display the live yield data of their PV systems. Whether individually for each plant or cumulated for all photovoltaic systems: With the yield data overview, operators always keep the weekly, monthly or annual performance of their photovoltaic systems in view and can compare these with selected periods from previous years. Using the “show details” button, yield data of the individual plants can even be compared day by day. Thus, losses of yield can be easily made visible and corrected by the booking of services.

In the My reminders overview, system operators are provided with an overview of all upcoming appointments, such as notice periods, maintenance and cleaning intervals, warranty procedures and submission deadlines for accounting and tax documents. These dates and reminders can be created and managed via the Solarganizer, Milk the Sun’s free, professional data room for PV projects. How setting up dates and reminders for specific events works, is described here.

A short explanatory video about the Solarganizer can be found here: The Solarganizer powered by Milk the Sun.


My PV Systems

In the overview My PV systems, system operators have listed all their PV projects at a glance and can manage them individually from here. The overview shows the extent to which the plant profile is filled out, whether the PV system was advertised for sale, whether documents were stored in the data room, or whether there are messages regarding the project. The button “Please select” allows operators to edit their plants, add live yield data, store and manage plant-specific documents with the Solarganizer or find similar systems for purchase.

To advertise a PV project for sale, simply click on the “Advertise now” button.


Project List

In the project list, plant operators and investors always have an overview of all their PV projects being observed and monitored. In addition to the information on project type, project size, grid connection and location, it is also possible to directly request an observed plant, to check the status of the approval process or to delete projects straight from the overview.


Search Assistant

The search assistant helps investors find the right PV systems and projects for their needs. With this tool, investors can enter and manage individual search requests – even on the move. If a new suitable project is advertised, the client willautomatically receive an e-mail notification immediately after the project’s publication. This way, investors get the pole position in the project acquisition. Search queries can also be displayed directly using the search function.


Services for PV Systems

A holistic photovoltaic management also includes the availability of services. With our cooperation partners, we offer professional services for the optimization, maintenance and the entire lifecycle of PV systems. From financing through system cleaning and insurance optimization to legal advice and technical operation management, plant operators and investors receive professional services to special Milk the Sun prices.


Photovoltaic Management: Simple, Clear and Efficient

Operators of PV-systems – but also investors who wish to acquire and manage new plants – need a central point of contact for an efficient photovoltaic management. Milk the Sun offers this access point with the personal cockpit solution myMilktheSun, the one-stop shop for the administration and trading of PV projects.