Successfully Sell Your PV System In 3 Simple Steps

Successfully Sell Your PV System In 3 Simple Steps

If you plan to sell your photovoltaic (PV) project and want to get an optimal sales price, it is important to access to a large number of serious investors.

Through our online PV marketplace you have the opportunity to present your PV system to a lot of interested investors who have been pre-checked on our side. Thanks to our standardized process, the sale is very easy and quick to map.

During the transaction, we can provide you with experienced partners, such as lawyers, tax consultants or appraisers from our service partners network, who will support you when required.

We want you to sell your PV system successfully: the use of our marketplace is free of charge for you as a seller. In case of success, i.e. if the transaction is completed, only the buyer pays a fixed commission to us, which is linked to the KWp size of the solar system. In addition, you commit yourself to no exclusivity with us.

1 – Register and determine the correct selling price

To use our online marketplace, it is necessary to register with your email address. Afterwards, we recommend that you benchmark your sales price expectations using our free Net Worth Calculator. With such a benchmark, you have the possibility to adjust the sales price to the actual market conditions.

2 – Advertise your project online

After a successful registration, you can now easily advertise your PV project on our marketplace.

Start the publication process by selecting “Marketplace” and “Sell photovoltaic system” from the menu.


image of the navigation menu of Milk the Sun

First you will be asked to make a selection for the project type. Is it just an empty area, a project right, a turnkey or are you selling an already running solar plant? Then, you will be asked to select whether it is a system located on a roof surface or an open space.

Examples of project types you can choose

Based on these first two criteria, the next step will show you exactly the input fields that are important for your individual PV project in the sales process.

The input fields are divided into mandatory and optional data. Our recommendation is to provide as much information as possible, as this looks more professional and trustworthy for potential investors.

Enter the project details

On the left side, next to the input form, you can navigate within the areas that need to be filled in, and see the completeness of your advertisement. You also have the option of saving your entry temporarily in order to finish it at a later date.

In addition to general questions such as size, location and commissioning, technical data such as modules, inverters and data loggers, but also commercial data such as electricity yield, remuneration, running costs and financing data are requested.

technical data of the pv project


In the “Appendix” section, you have the option of filling out your electronic data room in order to provide interested buyers with the documents they need for verification. It is important to have good pictures of the photovoltaic system, as these give the first impression in the advertisement.

type in the contact details

Under “Contact details”, please enter the data under which you can be reached by prospective buyers. In this area you must indicate whether you are the owner of the PV project. If you are not the owner, you may only act as a mandated seller and must provide us with written proof of your selling mandate from the owner.


Provide details on the financing of the PV project


In the sales price field, it is useful to explain its composition. This is advantageous, for example, if plots of land are also sold in the case of ground-mounted systems or if individual cost items of the project development are combined into one price when project rights are sold.

The indication of whether the transaction is an asset or share deal helps the prospective buyer to decide at an early stage whether this transaction is of interest to him.

If you have any questions when filling out the advertisement or would like personal advice, you can reach us at any time during normal business hours at the number given or contact us via our live chat.

3 – Publish a PV project

If you have filled in all the details completely and correctly and have included at least one photo in the attachment, you can use the “Apply for publication” button, which you will find on the left-hand side in the navigation area or at the very bottom of the form, to arrange for the publication of your advertisement to be checked.

Afterwards, you still have the opportunity to enhance your advertisement with additional services, such as top placement, newsletter advertising or a premium sales packages (that includes a personal investor approach on our side). Choosing one of these services can not only significantly increase your chances of selling, but can also boost the speed of sales.

After you have applied for publication, our experts will check your advertisement for completeness and plausibility. They will also check whether the selling price is in line with the market and whether there is a need for optimisation in the advertisement. If your advertisement still needs to be adjusted, our experts will contact you to discuss all open points and provide optimisation tips.

After final completion, your project will be published and visible on our online marketplace. Interested investors can then contact us for contact and review.

During the sales negotiations, our experts are happy to advise you and accompany you through the transaction process.

Of course, you can make changes to your advertisement at any time, upload additional documents in the online data room, connect live data from your data logger if you advertise a running PV system, or deactivate your advertisement. To do this, simply go to “My Cockpit” while logged in and select the PV project you want to edit.


Selling PV projects is not only very easy through our online marketplace, but also free of charge for you as a seller. In just three steps your system is published and you gain access to a wide selection of pre-checked investors. Our experienced team of experts will be happy to assist you in optimising your advertisement and in determining a fair market price. Complete and correct data, good pictures of the project and a filled data room make a professional impression and facilitate the transaction.

Booking additional sales promotions, which are subject to a fee, can significantly increase the visibility of your advertisement and thus further improve your chances of selling.


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