The Next Level of Our Solar Asset Management Software

The Next Level of Our Solar Asset Management Software

It is with great excitement that we want to share with you the latest update of our platform!

Over the past months, we’ve been very busy redesigning and building up our solar asset management solution to better serve our users and address all their needs. We are excited to share with you that the wait is now over and this update is now live on our website!

What Is This All About?

Welcome to our enhanced solution! Thanks to improved and new functionalities, you will be able to digitally manage and optimize all of your assets smoothly. Everything easily accessible, in one central place.

The pitch is simple: our solar asset management software is a free web-based solution designed to help you manage and optimize your photovoltaic systems by enhancing your return on equity throughout their entire lifetime. Everything is easily accessible from one central place: your account at Milk the Sun. If you do not have an account yet, you can easily register here.



What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Solution?

You’ll have access to the best of our know-how and expertise developed along the years of work with customers and collaboration with partners. New key features include:

Real-time valuation
Get the fair value, net present value and return on equity of your portfolio and its assets in real time, based on their technical and financial performance.

Automated yield data stream
Easily connect your existing monitoring system to the platform and automatically retrieve your energy yield data.

Performance and financial tracking
Translate your energy yields into a standardized cash flow statement and never lose track of the performance of your asset.

Document management system
Do not miss any key milestone anymore – securely store documents, organize them and set important reminders.

Marketplace access
Get offers from qualified investors for your assets by advertising them in the leading online PV marketplace with a few clicks.

Professional service access
Benefit from the professional PV services portfolio of our selected partners as well as our exclusive deal conditions.

How Do I Start Using It?

If you have already entered data for PV systems on our platform, you can log in to your account right away and find all your existing data in the new layout. Of course, we have taken all necessary measures to make sure you do not lose anything, while we keep the highest standards of data security. If you do not, you will have to add some to exploit the solution to its best. In any case, follow these 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Set up a new system with general information
The first step is to add a new system directly from your Cockpit by selecting “Add PV System” on the right navigational bar. All you have to do is to enter the general information about your system and save it to your account. You can then add important documents and reminders to it.

Step 2: Set up performance information
The second step is to set up your performance information. Easily connect your existing monitoring system to the digital instance of your asset and retrieve the history of energy generated by your system, which will be automatically kept up to date.

We currently support the following monitoring solutions: SMA Sunny Portal, Meteocontrol Safer’Sun or KACO Powador. You can enter the credentials of your monitoring system, which will be securely stored, and the energy yield information of your PV system will be automatically retrieved. If your system doesn’t support any of these solutions, you can still use the financial module independently. We are currently working on expanding the number of supported providers.

Step 3: Set up financial information
The third step is to set up your financial information. The financial performance of your assets depends on different building blocks that ultimately translate into monetary terms on your cash flow statement. An investment analysis will be triggered for which the fair value, net present value and return on equity of your assets will be calculated.

To setup the financial module, all you need to do is to insert the compensation profile of your system as well as its cost structure. If your performance information has been set, your compensation information can be automatically estimated from the amount of energy generated. Alternatively, you can also manually enter this information based on the invoice you receive from your grid operator for the amount of energy fed-in.

Step 4: Manage your documents and deadlines in the Solarganizer
You can always add and categorize important documents and set up important reminders from the Solarganizer, your digital document management system. It is always reachable on the right navigation bar on each of your assets.

You are set!

After completing these four steps, you will be able to track the technical and financial performance of your assets in a completely digital manner. If your system has already been set up, you can always add or update the information of any of your systems using the right navigation bar.

Future Developments

This update is just the beginning of an ongoing improvement to provide you with the best online solution to manage independently your investments in solar. Take part in our journey and apply to our early access program to preview and test features before they are released!

Early Access Program

We really appreciate your input on what your needs are, what can be improved, as well as any feedback on this current update. You can always send us your observations and remarks via email to or by calling us directly. We have also enabled an online chat, which is accessible from any page of the platform after logging in, and a collection of FAQs regarding our Solar Asset Management Software can be found here. We are more than happy to help you.

Thank you for trusting Milk the Sun as your partner for all topics related to your PV systems. We really appreciate your support in our goal of accelerating the energy transition into a more sustainable future.