Challenging plan for pushing solar in the Netherlands

Challenging plan for pushing solar in the Netherlands

An ambitious national energy plan is meant to push solar in the Netherlands. The plan intends for 1 – 2 million Dutch households to be furnished with PV installations over the course of the next 10 years.


The Netherlands are once again proving why they are considered a promising player in the solar energy field. A recently published national energy plan intends for 1 – 2 million Dutch households to be furnished with PV installations within the next 10 years. The idea is to make the country’s climate neutral by 2050. As a result, industry institutions like WIRSOL Solar AG, an international solar energy provider, specializing in the planning, financing, construction and maintenance of solar power plants of any size, consider solar in the Netherlands an important growth market.


Expansion into Dutch solar market planned

Due to the Netherlands’ high potential, Wirsol is planning to expand into its market by complementing 6 GW of onshore windfarms that are planned until 2023 with solar parks. Just recently, the company inaugurated a 30 MW solar park in the Groningen area, the so-called Sunport Delfzijl plant, which required a 40 million Euro investment.


Recent solar park considered step towards greener future

The park is considered an important step towards solar in the Netherlands and a greener energy future. “With this largest solar park in the Netherlands, we as a municipality are a clear sign that sustainability is of paramount importance to us. Thus, as a chemical park and community, we are jointly able to make our industry more and more sustainable with respect for the World Natural Heritage Wattenmeer (Natura 2000) “, says Ijzebrand Rijzebol, the deputy of the Municipality of Delfzijl.

The park’s output will be sold to the local utility Eneco Holding NV and is expected to power up to 7.500 households every year.


Increasing solar in the Netherlands: New plant welcomed by Groningen Seaports

Building and maintaining the park also means cooperating with Groningen Seaports, who are delighted about the new asset to their port area. This investment in sustainable electricity from the Netherlands is an important support for the establishment of new companies, as Harm Post, the managing director of Groningen Seaports, has explained.

“It is becoming increasingly apparent that the availability of such a green power supply is a prerequisite for the establishment of companies in the North Groningen port area. In addition, this solar park is setting an important target for solar in the Netherlands and sustainable energy projects, as stipulated in the Green Deal Agreement with the Dutch Ministry of Environment and Infrastructure”, Harm Post was quoted.


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